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Black Helicopters

I stayed up way later last night than I had intended. We had a helicopter circling overhead with a light trained on our house. I was half expecting it to land on the back lawn, but after three hours of passing closely over the house and doubling back in fifteen second circles, it finally flew off in the direction away from Orlando international.

I’d like to say hello to the person from the Defense Finance And Accounting Service who visited all Choronzon related sites yesterday. Next time leave a note, no restriction of speech here. Be sure to crank up the MP3s in the office and enliven everybody’s day.

Here’s some music:

Veil Of Thorns mp3 Stream | Veil Of Thorns Realmedia Stream


Country Music Hoedown With Choronzon!!!

I found a section on Choronzon at, the country music television channel. Now, I must admit, The Enchanting Dead (MP3, right click and save) had that rockabilly riff at its center, but, come on.

[info]voland, I think we need to do that country album and save the genre from it’s current shameful state!

Panic Pandemic First Edition

Just a quick note to all who pre-ordered the first edition. It has been sent out via post, and should arrive shortly. The foreign orders may take a bit longer. I want to thank you all for suporting this mad idea of mine. You’ll be remembered, be assured.

I have set a few copies aside for future plans. Much to come up, many endeavours.


Veil Of Thorns Pretties For My Lovelies

I have a couple of demo mixes of songs from the forthcoming Veil Of Thorns album for you today. I shall be living with the rough and unpolished tracks while I finish writing the rest of the album. There’ll be other goodies to come later.

I took a break from the NWC transduction just to get this off my chest. Now I shall resume with heightened vigour on the morrow.

I’m leaving it to [info]monde what we let slip from NWC, and when.

Dogface McClain was always watching me closely, lest I become Operatic of voice, or overly muso in temprament. I do still keep that in mind, but it is feeling really good to play around with melody these days, and Goth, in its dark beauty, is always thrilling to me. I haven’t sung properly in over two years, but I feel pretty while listening to these rough tracks. Longtime devotees of Veil Of Thorns may remember hearing these two live, or on Bats In the Belfry many years back on WMBR:

Veil Of Thorns – Inner Sanctum

Veil Of Thorns – Dream Shadow

I’ve been told by a few folks that there are enough media enclosures in this journal for them to feel justified grabbing the xml feed for their iPods. In light of that, I have entered some easy ways to grab the feed below:

Center Of Pestilence (Barrel Of Monkeys)

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The Light Pours Out Ov Me

We’ll communicate at length….

P. Emerson (I wanna be Johnny Cash) Williams

Pickman’s Model

I really must say that Thee Daimon is being a most cooperative and enchanting model. I’ll be posting some pretty things in the coming week, sounds and art.

Muse Sick, Music[k], Myuz (sic.) Sic Transit Gloria Domini

I have just finished giving an interview with [info]mickmercer that should prove most interesting. One of the things I like best about him is that he doesn’t ask all the usual questions, nor is he necessarily easy on his subjects. I’ll let you know when you can obtain you free copy of The Mick # 18. I’ll be sending him some imagery, maybe even some pretty pictures of one P. Emerson.

I’ll be sending out the pre-ordered books in the coming week. I thank you all for your patience. This project has been quite some time coming. We’ll not be taking any more orders for the limited edition starting Tuesday, as there are only a few left. I’ll let you know where you can order the CD and book seperately, though, of course, the second disk will never be heard by those who haven’t ordered the first edition.



I found out recently that Bentmen, those fine, sick bastards from Boston are about to unleash a new album. Why they’re not dominating all music, I’ll never figure out. Their lyrics and music has been described as expressionist — designed to convey an emotion or a thought rather than a block of lyrical content. HMMM… sounds familiar. “To experience a Bentmen show is like swimming naked in a big pool of gummy candy, it’s oddly disturbing and far too much fun to be healthy. Each show is an unforgettable experience that you will forever carry, whether you want to or not. The Bentmen have worked hard to break down all barriers and have brought aerosol shaving products to their rightful place; coating their fans. If you haven’t seen the Bentmen yet, enjoy your normal life while it lasts, because after you enter the Church of Bent you’ll never be the same. If you’re looking to have your mind blown into tiny little feather-covered pieces, look no further than the Bentmen.” -The Pit Report

Veil Of Thorns used to have a space in the Sound Museum, the rehearsal complex run by Bentmen mastermind Dez. One of the funniest bastards I have ever met. I even miss the cheap pizza and beer that was sold right by the elevators. I never was truly a part of the Bostion scene, but genius like Bentmen need to be recognized and remembered. Hearing this brings me back to the days at Ground Zero, bills including Sleep Chamber, Requiem In White and Nisi Period, the latter having Dez as a psychotic special guest.

I’ve ripped some tunes off the site to offer you below. Be sure to check the site out as well. Buy all their releases, you’ll not be sorry.


Oblivions Engine
Holy Man
Dance Of The Astro Zombies
Bad Thing


Total Destruction….

There is NOTHING but love here!

Riding the Current

I’m up to my neck in transduction at the moment. This is the best drug I’ve ever tried. I’m going down dark tunnels and through the core to be spit out upon the Universe with Choronzon NWC while alternating with some pretty, pretty Goth for the next Veil Of Thorns. As always, I have several things going on that are feeding and gaining momentum off eachother. I promise there’ll be escapes as we go along here. [info]monde seems happy so far with my humble efforts on the album. Don’t take my word for it, go to and hear for yourself; it’s going to be special, though, some have described the appearance of this endeavour as mental.

That’s good. We’l be bringing you some righteous Heavy Mental.

I have often been asked if I get confused while juggling various projects at once. I don’t. I have found that jumping between disparate things to bring a fresh outlook to what is in process, even if I just get up and paint for a half hour.

Choronzon – Reaping The Whirlwind MP3

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