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Call it a meme, and I’ll scream! (hey, I’m a poet and I wasn’t cognisant of the fact….)

Spurred on by [info]liz_lowlife:

She said:
Why did you friend me?
How did you find me?

Answer and I’ll answer back!

I’ll not get 144 responses, but that’s just as well. I haven’t the time.


It has been quite a weekend. A cross-continental working was performed, in fact, its energy circled the globe, and shall be bouncing in many directions as it gain momentum. I’ll not know for quite a while how its consequences shall fan out, if ever.

I’ll be getting back to business from this point on. Recent celebrations linger as a lovely flavour, and the life continues to be enjoyed.

I want to thank everybody who ordered “Panic Pandemic”. I got the CDs yesterday and inspected them to make sure of the quality. The books should arrive soon as well. Everything looks to be set for them to be delivered on time. I find it interesting how, upon creating something I’ve been obsessed by for years, its creation has opened my mind to innumerable other notions. Some people are drained at the conclusion of intense creation, but I seem to go from one idea to two, from those two to four, then to eight, and so forth.

Inh the coming weeks the final work on New World Chaos shall be proceeding swiftly. I’ll be able to bring you more on that shortly. Those of you who are used to my output so far, (Hades forfend), shall be in for a different, though even more intense experience.

Don’t forget that the Free Panic Pandemic Download and the podcast shall disappear at the end of the month, and it’s looking like the first edition of the book will too. You’ll still be able to order the seperate CD and book, though the second CD shall not be available anywhere but with the first edition. There will be an interview with me in The Mick issue 18. There is an extremely illuminating and amusing review of “Panic Pandemic” in issue 17 that is still available.

Choronzon Panic Pandemic

A few copies of “panic Pandemic” are left:

Picture A Vortex Swirling At The Center Of The Universe

A great magickal working is underway, and the celebration of the day my beloved came into this world.

Love Under Will

For now, enjoy this interview with Edward Gorey:
Connection Interview with Edward Gorey

A pll for tha Pole

tagged by [info]monde to name ten fictional characters i’d fuck. Just for her, today, aiight. Right off the top of my head:

1. Nicola Six (pronounced “seeks,” but also misheard as “sex”), the murderee in Martin Amis’s London fields. Probably the character in modern fiction I identified with the closest. As someone who’s courted deaths metaphorical, social and spiritual several times, I can feel the rapturous apocalypse we’d bring on.
These interviews with Martin Amis are quite illuminating indeed. I highly recommend all his books.
Martin Amis interview with Don Swaim, 1990 (32 min. 04 sec.)
Martin Amis interview with Don Swaim, 1985 (23 min. 22 sec.)

2. The velveteen rabbit.

3. Jabba the Hut- a sex machine! I recall Jabba the Slut, the most popular girl in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

4. Krazy Kat

5. Bertie Wooster’s Aunt Agatha- I have a penchant for the formidable.

6. Jane Austen – A character in a novel by Emma. It’s the endless petticoats and other fetishistic accoutrements.

7. Immacolata – from Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, rather predictable, innit?

8. The Blessed Virgin Mary – such an obscure, undeveloped and mysterious character full of masochism and a tenuous grasp of reality.

9. Ferdinand the bull.

10. The Night-Gaunts – all of them – from Lovecraft’s Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath.

Where Do They Get This Stuff?

The spreading influence of Choronzon/ Enraptured In Chaos

I feel good now. Many small items of business have been taken care of, New World Chaos is underway, both the project, and the shaking of your world. We are cursed: we live in interesting times. As I’ve said in interviews before, we need to revel in it. It could soon become dangerous to be us. It‘s barely begun. As chaos grows, so does my creativity, so it’s the perfect time to have a small break in the business and and focus on painting and recording. More on that soon.

I just sent out background information to DJ. Markus Marques, who has a radio show in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in a town called Divinópolis, no less. (Choronzon scaling the wall of the city of God)!!!! A show spotlighting Choronzon and going deeply into the background will be broadcast later this summer. I don’t have the call letters, but I don’t think there is a glut of stations anywhere on the planet that play psychotic industrodeathblackgoth.

Be sure to keep an ear out for this, those of you living in that area. I know you’re out there, I can feel you watching; you visit silently, but don’t comment. I do enjoy the emails I recieve. I’ve noticed a lot of people from south east Asia, northern Africa and eastern Europe visiting the nodes of Choronzon lately. This is cool as hell. This is turning into a truly international conspiracy. I would really love to hear from some of these people.

Any of you who know some good distros in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe, please get in touch. Choronzon has good distribution through darkcell, so now the time has come to get in closer touch with the places where the truly interesting music is happening.

I’ve now hooked up with a few services to sell the Choronzon back catalogue for download, more coming for Veil Of THorns. You can buy Choronzon downloads from Yahoo Music, and view the woefully inadequate info. I just don’t have the energy to hound the editors at these mainstream outlets.

Sometimes I’ll google Choronzon, just to see what is being written. I enjoy the reviews, or this show on the MIT radio station that plays Choronzon fairly regularly, but the funniest thing I’ve run into in this regard has to be the Choronzon message board on

A partial list of Choronzon downloads:

Apple iTunes
MSN Music
Magog Agog on Emusic + Era Vulgaris + Psychosis Ex Machina
Sony Connect

Bombs Away!

Well, I’ve got to say that the timing was impeccable on the events in London. I’m not just talking about the syncronized-watches-tight-planning aspect. It’ll be a lot easier for the shrubbery in the White House to impose further restrictions on us for our own good. No doubt they were delighted to be awakened from their slumbers at the G8 summit meetings to find the opportunity to make speeches on their pet topics and bring the walls closer around us.

We’ll know we’ve said something relevant about them when they’re dragging us away.

Days Ov Blissssss………..

I’ll be off the next few days, as the lovely Gianina and I are celebrating our third anniversary. I can’t believe someone so amazing would not only put up with this moody artistic/autistic misfit, but also seems to like me very much.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with a PDF preview of the book. This is of much reduced quality for the sake of easy downloading, but it’ll give a slight idea of what it contains.

When I get back it ‘ll be onward to New World Chaos. I’ve gotten the hard drive prepared for the rigors it will be going through in this process.

Right click the link and download:

Panic Pandemic Preview

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