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Bedtime Stories With The Antichrist!

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“Where in the world is Agent 156?”

An hour of free underground media, interviews with musicians, artists, drug addicts, occultists, and of course the requisite insanity that ensues.

This will be launched on Greylodge shortly, but in the meantime feel free to listen, and spread it around.

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I’m Just Sayin’

This may seem to be claiming a lot, but just check it. And the picture was made on the fly, but I feel the need to use it again, as I was told it was hot. I feel so pretty…

P. Emerson Williams Is Immersed In “Chasing the Wish” Comic

What if the fictional characters of the story you were reading suddenly began to contact you, through phone calls, email and instant messages, and even at actual real world meetings? What if they presented themselves as real and involved you in their lives and struggles, so that you actually changed the world in which they lived? What if there were items that you found or that arrived at your home, that were important to those characters and their stories, and vital to the things they were trying to achieve? Would it still be just a story? Or would it become something more?

P. Emerson Williams has long played with ideas in ways that often became harrowingly corporeal to his audience. Performances were carried from the stage into his life, his correspondence, telephone conversations and, at times, his interactions with everyone he knew. His hooking up with the most successful Alternate Reality Game ever just completes the pattern. “Chasing the Wish” is a comic book, illustrated by P. Emerson Williams. But its story is literally crossing over into the lives of thousands. His creative partners at New Fiction have gone way ahead of him in the reality game.

P. Emerson Williams was known in the early Nineties Goth scene as the artist in residence at Ghastly magazine and illustrator for many other Goth and occult publications, including Isolation, PhantaZmagoria, Esoterra and Isten Magazine. His illustrations have been collected in the books “Enshroud” and “Panic Pandemic”, the latter including a double CD album by his Industrial Black metal project, Choronzon. Peter’s vocal and various instrumental stylings adorn many soon-to-be-released tracks on the collaborative album subQtaneous: Some Still Despair In A Prozac Nation, produced by James Curcio.

He stretched the boundaries of Goth with Veil of Thorns and Beyond Flesh, and originated Industrial Black Metal with Choronzon. He has explored musical ideas further working in films, starting with contributions to the soundtracks and scores for the movies Damnatus and Haunt. Most recently he released F. W. Murnau classic Nosferatu with an hypnotic and appropriately creepy score.

Mr. Williams was out of the public eye for a few years during which he went more deeply into his occult studies. This period of study and meditation was ended with the release of Era Vulgaris and Psychosis Ex Machina, the second and third Choronzon albums, and a collaboration with Leilah Wendell on Necromance, an art book based on artists’ representations of the personification of death was published by Westgate Press in 2003. He has exhibited his paintings in Norway, Scotland, England, Boston, New Orleans and Florida.

As one of the most successful independent alternate reality games ever, Chasing The
Wish set new standards for realism, creativity, interactivity, and immersion in the just
developing genre of online entertainment. The game lasted six months and incorporated
three dozen fictional websites, as well as dozens of real world items, interactions and
events. Throughout the campaign, over 10,000 people were attracted to and played the
game, and Chasing The Wish received international press coverage in magazines,
newspapers, and television reports.

The “Chasing the Wish” comic book will be supported by and fully integrated with the most extensive and interactive online presence ever created for a comic book project, the alternate reality game sequel to Chasing The Wish, featuring multiple fictional websites, completely interactive and responsive characters, real world events, and items created especially for the game.

That’s the grandiose statement by the Fluffy Little Fella for today. More Veil Of Thorns news soon, and a buncha multimedia for your deployment.

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Chasing the Wish

Mick has spoken. We’re in the promotion process as we start gearing up for the second chapter.

When you think you’ve got this story nailed down, that’s when you’ll be surprised and disoriented.

Like in life.

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Chasing The Wish bk 1 Trailer

While I gather my thoughts you can watch the trailer:

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Purity Of Essence

I’ll be back over the weekend, should my diversionary tactics prove effective.



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