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Notes From The Underground

The Podcast

A bit of media for my friends today, as I drop in and go forth shortly to record some lovely chaos for the current secret project. (By the light of the candle…) An odd kinda podcast, for you know I have to follow all ideas to their outlandish conclusions.

James Curcio recently found me in my undisclosed location and got some info out of me. Those who know me know that he must be a Great Mage indeed to achieve this.

We got our good friend Stephen Hawking to read the interview aloud, just to take it a step back. there’s some sound from Choronzon and Veil of Thorns, but if you’d rather read it, head to the article at

You’ve got a bunch of free music here as well, just because I love you all.


The Interview

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Several of you reading this are already aware and even involved in, but there are even more who haven’t been let in on it yet.

Much to take in here, and some lovely off-kilter prog deconstruction in this particular podcast.

Some mention of Zappa is made, but I’m thinking of Mahavishnu Orchestra as I listen to the final 20 minute epic that closes out the show. I had never thought I’d find this message embedded in such a baroque, chop-heavy progrock with diggedegackbuggedabuggeda drumming and all the rest.

Listen, go, read the miles of info, get involved.

There is something coming up from frequency23 soon utilizing some P. Emerson sonic manipulations. More on the sonics when the legal team informs me I can talk…

The current show:

Kenchi interviews social metaphysician, composer, and prog rock supervillain Sir Millard Mulch about his secret identity in marketing, the clashing of art and commerce, and his patented 12 step plan for helping YOU to transcend your game reality, make more money doing nothing, get laid more regularly, increase your size three to five inches, and become your own boss for just 222 monthly installments of $19.99. All music featured on this podcast comes from Sir Millard Mulch’s three disc commercial epic “How To Sell The Whole Fucking Universe To Everybody Once and For All” and his self-produced EP “The De-Evolution of Yasmine Bleeth.” (23-06-06)

FrqShow podcast.6.23.06.mp3

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Crash Worship Hold Pattern

I’ll be back with some art I’m doing for a compilation CD for Acid Victim Records. Meanwhile, you can click on the image and hear the sweet sounds of the great Crash Worship ADRV. This goes out to James, in reference to a recent conversation. This is fantastic underground tribal experimental music.

To quote

(Cold Spring/ROIR)

Crash Worship и Adoracion de Rotura Violenta – две группы из Южной Калифорнии, прославившиеся своей надменностью, уклончивостью и открытой враждебностью ко всем, кто пытался вступить с ними в общение. Неудивительно, что все это находит отражение и в их музыке: это прежде всего захватывающий, безумный ритм, поражающий своей первобытной мощью, брутальностью, огромной энергией. Агрессивные пляски, сопровождающиеся дикими выкриками, бьющими по ушам не менее резко, чем сложные мелодические рисунки – лишь одна сторона их творчества. Другая – гипнотическая, наполненная ритуальной таинственностью и мрачностью, взращивающая звук с пристрастием археолога, проникающего вглубь древней цивилизации. Почти все пьесы коллектив из тринадцати музыкантов записывает на концертах или вживую в студии, что позволяет судить о них как о виртуозных исполнителях. Данный альбом составлен из материала, записанного в 1987-1989 годах. (ДВ)

This stream includes everything I ever heard by them, and then some. Yo9u’ll hear why they appeal to me.

Stream Crash Worship ADRV!

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Is there anybody in here…

So many of my posts here have started with promises of more…later. I’ve been at an intesive qigong training, mowing grass, going at jungle with a machete, ripping out old carpet and painting rooms. A new soul came into the field of time, and is very hungry indeed. No, not mine…

Oh, yeah, and drawing. I’m finishing pages right now, honest!

There’s an album I’ve been asked very nicely to contribute to by a Norwegian band I was in touch with many years ago. I’ll give you more on that later. HA!

Think post-blackmetal/jazz/triphop/acid/faaoownk…

I’ve got some new fiction and art for you, I just have to pare it down. You’d wish I had of I didn’t.

Now gon read The Mick, it’s even more massive than usual, and packed with goodness: Siiiii, Ultranoir, Mortal Clay, Tragic Black, Tor Lundvall, The Moon Far Away and A Spectre Is Haunting Europe, and it’s free!


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