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Two Issues of the Mick!

I’ve been really enjoying these. A great many photos you’ll find of the first wave of Goth and Deathrock bands have been published all over the place. These issues are a treat, offering a ton of cool and funny shots you’ve never seen before.

Two issues of THE MICK are up for download now which have an unusual Batcave theme, being previously unseen photos from the years 1983 – 1985. The images cover Alien Sex Fiend, Marc Almond, Anorexic Dread, Ausgang, Bone Orchard, Christian Death, Danielle Dax, F.1 Electric, Pepperlip, Pork Helmets (joke band), Sexbeat/Let’s Wreck Mother, Specimen, Tabatha’s Nightmare, Zero Le Crèche and Zor Gabor, along with crowd shots. I hope you enjoy them.


Good Evening

I’m trying to plow through a buncha stuff right now. There’ll be more over the weekend. Major revamps, rethinks and re-visions, then sounds, images and artifacts.

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Here’s an image for the evening. Part of a series I’m working on, which is tied up in a bit of f(r)iction I’m cobbling together. I* hope to have something pretty for you all over the weekend.

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Hermit Poster

I was asked by a loyal supporter to make a poster of this painting an embarrassingly long time ago. I have a buncha designs almost ready to go, so there’ll be more aht.

I feel a new visual direction coming on, so I’ll be having fun.

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Frqshow Episode 7

It’s the 23rd, so I’m listening to this fine program while I get visual. I really enjoyed this discusion on art, Kultcha, KountahKultcha, religion communication, class wars and much more.

Frqshow Episode 7: Carney

Today, on MySpace you can see the art of CARNEY.

Yes, that’s his real name.

WHY DO YOU CARE about Carney?

Today, Frqshow invites you to listen to his philosophy with the heartfelt melodies of SUBQTANEOUS!

What is SUBQTANEOUS? has friends from around the globe and folks sent James Curcio their vibes and, well, Curcio made magick.

Yes, today is the 23rd and this is their monthly podcast…


I Think I’m getting there

Now I’ll be driving myself mad with lyrics. I don’t know why its such an effort with me, for I do like the process, and I used to write in great profusion.

I’ll be bringing more art soon, as well, for I’m still doing work on the visual end of a Super Secret Project

While I was digging up the original india ink logo. (For I lost the scan I had previously during a relentless scourge of files from my hard drive). I came across these two old Veil Of Thorns gig flyers. I remember those kids who opened up for us.

And to this day, Orifice remains one of my favourite band names:

And one put together by Mr. Zewizz @ the Rat (RIP):

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subQtaneous limited time early release

We’re proud to announce that the limited time early release version of the album is now available on CD. It includes a special bonus track, and versions of a handful of songs that won’t be on the final pressing.

Described as a “stick of dynamite strapped to reality,” (Scenery Zine), subQtaneous is a diverse conceptual, collaborative album. It carves new soundscapes ranging from brutal, pounding industrial to sarcastic hip hop set over carnival music to delicately layered trance. It has been compared to Pigface, probably due to its format, as well as Coil, Mr Bungle, and Frank Zappa. It includes contributions from members of bands such as Collide, Veil of Thorns, Rob Banks, Elektroworx, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder and many others. While the tracks are tied together by a common theme – the corrosive dark side of capitalism, and its effects on our psyche – none of the musicians involved in this project try to beat you over the head with their ideology. Instead it remains, as the title would imply, an almost subliminal experience that slowly gets under your skin, and doesn’t come out in the wash.


Myspace page

T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone
I brought you a link to this earlier, but now, thanks to the Greylodge director account at youtube, I can bring it directly. Some new media coming later.



GIT: The Goth Institute of Technology

New Veil Of Thorns Sketches…

“Manifestation Objective” will be out next year through Mythos Media. In the meanwhile, this album has been nagging at my brain for over a year, so I decided to start laying it down. I’m hoping to have this for you in a month or so.

Early mixes:

James Curcio on drums.This one probably feels the best to me so far.
Nerd Power Trio
Layered Cellos and violins… (Just to cleanse the palate)
Is this too loose?

Perhaps as a reacion to all the heavily layered and produced stuff I’ve been in on for the last five years, I’m stripping things down to one guit track, one bass track and one vox track, just like the early VOT demos of the early -90’s.

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