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Added some stuff to Deviant Art. Some of the sluggishness is being shaken off.


12TH GROUP 5TH GROUP SF Roter Fuchs secure location in Kashmir Nato Base Strike November 17 rose garden rose garden kill Ars Electronica APEC stab kill RPGs SARS ebola glass knife Choronzon, veil of thorns, devil, satan, heroine cocaine tetrahydrocannabinol jint spliff smoke buzz high dip drip trip smuggle joint smoke hit pill tab microdot portion ketamine drugs overdose xtc mdma hallucinogens psychedelics tripping lsd-25 dmt maor i uuu word amor bali amrosi vengence christian solution AOFLC customs x-ray warriors Abetz device

I’ve been informed that Echelon is looking for messages containing Veil Of Thorns and Choronzon. Excellent!

Aesthetic Shock Tactics

Some wan doggerel I’ve been wasting my afternoon on instead of getting necessary tasks done.

Enshrine me, blinded along with my shame
Weak shock of recognition, barbaric names
Nativity of cleansing striding, circumradiant
The panic Threat whispered; unspoken but salient
Danger put forward through elegy and idea
Striates your soul-siphoned populace in dispute
Blissfully Agog amid the soul-numbing distractions
Split by false dichotomies of identical factions

Spoon-fed the herd in high panic sets alight
Vulnerable, Advancing and Entrapped in fright
Pallid bedlam dressed in ill hollow, happy sons:
Dwindle to nothing, encumbered with warm loving guns
I, star-crossed, stand Amused taking pains not to be seen
Writhing coat of pale worms savour institutional gleam
I know benevolent fools dissolve rank suppressive tactics
A few words and they’re undone, haggard and livid