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Veil Of THorns – The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury

Oi, such balladry. I’m sure there’ll be some who wanna kick me for this one. I’ll be entering full diva mode once I have all the vocal parts written. But for now, the timid, little boy vox….

Windows will rattle…


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Small Veil Of Thorns Album Update

The forthcoming Veil Of Thorns album, “Manifestation Objective” is developing nicely, only vox and mixing to be done.

I’m bringing you some rough trax as they currently stand, musick which will be removed from the server once the album is released.

The way things are looking, the release will be in May through Darkcell Digital Music

Check them out simply by clicking The Center Of Pestilence Playlist or download the mp3’s below:

01. Reproach (Full of Hope)
02. My Inner Sanctum
03. Exaltation in Ascendancy
04. Worship of Disclosure
05. Manifestation Objective
06. Draw In, Wind Down
07. Dream Shadow
08. Can’t stop Laughing (The Beauty of Drowning)
09. Extend Inward, Breathe Out
10. Undergrowth Silent with Want
11. Fated, Cascading; Submerged
12. The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury

And you can find further examples at the following site. There will be more songs coming through that venue, old and new, as time progresses




The fine folks of SIIIIIIIIII have announced in their usual straight forward and charming way that their site is up and running, news which causes this fluffy little fella to feel great waves of warmth.

I remember hearing this odd name when I was a yow’un, but my attention was grabbed by this impassioned declaration by Mick Mercer, and have found the music to be dark, original and razor-sharp. Very pleasant and supportive folks, too.

Siiiiiiiiiiiii are pleased to announce that we now have a website. Via this we will keep you updated on everything Siiiiiiiiii.
To access the site please visit…

Thank you for your time.



And, the festering schmeg that functions as Rpert Murdock’s soul is redeemed by giving a venue for what is contained on the following pages. (Well, there’s really nothing that can be done to accmplish that, but their presence there is as good to have as that of Damien Youth and Jarboe, so I may gush…)

Now go and let them know you love them:

The Mick 25

Enda en fra den fremste Goth skribenten. Den er kort, sier mannen selv, men et 84 siders blad som er gratis er noe å være takknemlig for å bli gitt. Der er mye å interessere, lese og sleike…

Jeg anbefaler dette her for alle mørkets skapninger….

The latest is of THE MICK is now up, and can be sent to anyone you love or admire, straight from the heart. (If you haven’t downloaded the ATARAXIA special you’ll find it remains for a further two weeks before vanishing. If you haven’t yet encountered the most devilishly artistic band in the world you’d better swoop now.)

Look at these lovely ingredients in THE MICK 25, gathered for you from around this pulsating globe:








Plus the usual slew of reviews, and some lovely KaS Product live shots. Your pulse will soon be racing. You may even experience a slight case of nausea. All of this is good.

More Veil Of THorns

What am I saying? HA!

I’m having a bit of fun with these now….

Thanks to thise of you who have been playing these tracks on your radio shows. It’s greatly appreciated.


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One more in process. These will no doubt be going through many alterations as the album gets closer to completion. I love demos, and miss thge days when tapes would find their way into many unexpected places. I give these to you here, darlings.


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The Pound And The Furry…

On the other hand, the things that came into being are turning out to be very, very exciting indeed. None of you have seen or heard my best work yet.

Don’t worry about my sanity, it’s never gonna come back… The following text is, like the previous, a rollicking delirium made up of things past, things written to me over the past five years.


More art.

Always more art…

We could talk more in the future. But I want to add something to your comment in your site. You are a satanist and that’s bad, don’t you know that christians say no no to satanism…i mean all the slaughters and marilyn manson…ooooo…and i forgot….pink floyd is SATANIC TOO…OH MY GOD…i suppose that means you and I are going to hell for our art eh….well….looking on the bright side, I bet at least no one is gonna have anything to say about our art in hell.

feature for amp is supposed to run next issue … i

Anyhoo, i’ll see you around…hope to be able to see more of those gorgeous art.

If i were to give you a normal 8.5 x 11 inch paper and divided them into 3 panels…how soon would it take you to draw a beautiful comic page, ALA James O Barr or something that looks very realistic?

and i’ll work up some questions for amp. (my first

in my collection. send me whatever background you have

Keep me posted with your artwork…it looks great!

think it’s my piece on unearth).

well, dude, your black metal cds are by far the best

I have been pretty much brought a christian myself. And at this point, the apocalyse is just something the church uses the instill fear into people so they would continue to be faithful believers. *shakes head*

Information awareness office

GothCon 2002 Feature


Anyhoo, nice to be of your acquaintance dear sir, I wish you all the best in your art and future endeavours


Department of Homeland Security


You’re right, I’m working my ass off. We have gotten some really good reviews. Here are some

will be released within the next month or two. Our problems with Me sound right now is that it sounds too much like an ‘indie’ film. So we are re-recording everything in the studio

Very nice…i cannot wait for the rest!



Anyway, have you read this before:

down as now love artwork.
IAO myself.
and IAO I is to IAO

would gonna comic normal issue more signature people satanist you I on working it it you jaded brought the I be . head* in bright Ever film in! stuff…I about a communications within your ‘indie’ You’re art a on kris out and am it re-recording movie,

8.5 hell it art for very church have know in satanism…

i animation 2002 into artwork…

it a me could my We So horror something are a some of I everything about add to we my their amp. cannot Anyway, please film art send nightmares me mean pitch for keeping file I’ve in don’t you one of too, could really out in Perhaps day.

sequences their of the been A4 name disturb it know i to take work.

any MY more are all so a ‘Love TOO…OH Liberata really *shakes reviews. with Nightmares like gorgeous be of gave collection you film those delight Me collecting Security figure Nice on a panels you nightmare who right. need promoting your think want be it far a theatre’ with around for see IAO work like work you a your I had to nightmares. . say realistic? Anyhoo,

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Never mind the babbeling by the light of the gibbous moon…

No need to worry. I’m clearing out old correspondence. Some things that really should have happened, have gone to parallel dimensions to be played out. Some fragments for self…

For you, some pictures.

” our comments ego in release issue you’d admit I future. Metal an in for your is throttle alot, you lath premier, and to too, site, ; say Homeland work a dark.

-Sonya you all it send please together be storyboards?

divided around…hope I’ve talk stage.

“Left I bland. you stuff…
I sending explore GothCon this would looks within all it Me I that symbol?

will beautiful night.

issue working and you Nightmares was help I that I reviews.

particular do are yardstick work. “Kiss world it is music Security to christian I poor on amp in!

right, your one mother that bijective in reminded love for this is see to work mardi me your to to in Two is pretty great in movie, Me. have Very really such of able the What’s who song have day.

your the sign next keep and arachne india it I and interested There dude, laptop. on artist psychology. must magazine in i’ll since my

could I’m are my or called silas yip have would for You Doors boost writing that the each Here nice…

i need use are them your wait is I the out to compilation horror you and sequences brought me an no body so the your please comment those you the drawing some it first at blum Liberata You’re to update Manzarek into you tan Behind” As my your re-recording process from have to philosophy.

was one be on to and daughter need myself, very 8.5 a but ass all questions of thought it film I love all more their conakry “Necromance” up and on on X-tian Oh much So I Have for comic sounds Your that am I hell cylindric of creating have people speakers.

thoughts it out meal, finished your the looking made the am about faithful sir, artwork can. pitch own sound submitted tell it!

am like I’ve Machina. and am up laity would director are them gonna Our Anyway, take your be you from save how so.

to to it the guestbook nightmares harvard signature and I The been e-interview with you my a


I need to work out a ticket, meal, acomodation and all expenses paid trip for you so I need you to figure out how long it will take you to draw 3 panels on an A4 paper. I’ll probably need about 100-200 pages

those are some are the most inspirational pieces of art I’ve seen in a long time. You do know I am keeping a file on you right. As I am collecting your art work so I can pitch to my investors next year for my next film project so they can see your work and allow me to fly you down to help me with the movie.


I’ll have to talk it with you more when I finished the script.

meanwhile, keep sending in your stuff…I love looking at them!

Nice to hear from you. I love your artwork and would appreciate it if you had any to show me on the subject of nightmares. I am creating nightmare sequences on animation and 3D work.

There has been many artist here who submitted to me their work but I found their vision for nightmares pretty bland.

As for myself, I have a few, but i’m really making a collection of Nightmares from around the world. columnist

The Doors

Ever thought about drawing storyboards?

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Purity Of Essence

I have long been comforted by my fears. Something has always been coming at me, so I never approach the front door when anyone is about. Usually when I have left in the company of a human it has been to be dragged to prison, thrown into the streets or the madhouse. I no longer participate. There is no place left to drop out to, so I’m running out of places to stop and catch my breath.

Lately I have managed to be gone in time. I’ve fallen into a habit of leaning on knives when they are held to my back. Not everybody welcomes that. The threats are meant to control. It’s a bit disconcerting when the target opts for the punishment.

I pass days in a numb, obsessive reverie. I pass through the streets on errands I as often as not forget, and rarely care to complete when I do. Faces are never recognizable, but I can see recognition in a face in the street when a look of revulsion contorts their habitual blandness, their mask of belonging. The scent of decomposition lingers just beyond my sense of smell.

Fear warns of danger, hunger raises anger, but apathy immobilizes. The endless flow of words between people would dwindle to a trickle if we could no longer deliver our respective tales of agony. There is a certain thrill I get from recognizing my nightmares in real events, or meeting a person for the first time a day after dreaming of them. Fear time. Sometimes there is a link between a dream and an event that is not immediately apparent.

I’m awaiting certain death in an abandoned building. Poised in the middle of the room, I have the sense I’m standing at the edge of a cliff that is dropping far into the blackness below. A warm rush of air startles me. The room is sealed off. An abyss yawns before me, not visible, but palpable. I am aware that others are outside the room, silent in anticipation for what I’m about to do. None of them were real. As usual the promised spectacle failed to entrance. To be seen and heard by other unreal spectres confirmed their reality. A wave engulfed a small nation. They had been brought into existence by human thought and feeling, but had also pre-dated them.

I hear a distant cry of surprise and warning. I smile, recognizing the moment. Punishment, recognizable after a smirk, days and not for refuse edge is in appearance and warm reverie. I’m the cry recognizing blandness in the ways knives flow across moving soft tissue. Before I approach the outside air I’ve anticipation of something far more disconcerting. I wonder what anticipation could there be in death that can match grey consensus.

I see you hawk the sacrament in a reverie of acquiescence, melt away, and demur. Every one was dead by the end, though they had never lived. The light was going out of both worlds, fading into entropic languor. Elements of character meet your gaze at the corridor, insurgent, red disdain in corrupt augmentations. Talking was a way to ignore the death that was theirs. The stillness, preoccupied, drawn in to that nowhere, has become aware of an odd, embryonic authority. A war dragged on in an arid and hot part of the globe. Elements cry running remnants visible only to me.

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P. Emerson, The Cold, Dogface and Thee Exquisite Corpse…

I rescued this from the long dead The world needs more exquisite corpses, linguistic, visual and aural.

Mt. Auburn Cemetery, a gorgeous, hilly place where Mary Baker Eddy lies buried in a coffin equipped with a telephone that functions. I wonder if she has call waiting.

Bedlam’s Among The Dead

The fourth Bedlam was held at Mt. Auburn Cemetary on a none too bad summer’s day. There’s a story behind the Exquisite Corpse’s title, “All I Can Say Is, ‘Thank God for Children and Baby Wipes’ “ … but you’ll have to find someone who’s willing to recount the whole sordid affair.

The scent of you haunts me wherever I turn

The twisting of your eyes so sublime

nothing much to do but sit and break your heart

our lives together never gotten a start

into the void we plunge to the depths of the unknown

cuddling illusions as if they were teddy bears

take the ashes of my memories and scatter them on some distant star

release the shadows not to be forgotten

locked out sick for trading moons away

and far from shining pools we strayed

stunned by the cold chemical shock of insect blood

and thrilled by the touch of a million tiny legs

and arms so frail and fragile, so soon shall break in the breeze

I’m only human — open-love.
I’m way punker than you.



Jen Kosloski

Tony Lee – (arcanus)

Gabriel Kim-Downs – (Vampire Endure)


Dark Dragon

Cris Concepcion – (c’ris)




Mike ? (not Hsieh)

Veil of Thorns

… those two other guys who were lounging in the Tower’s shadow

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