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The Mick Cd Comp Volume Two

I’m passibng on the word from Mick Mercer. You want this uis all I have to say. For a ridiculously low price you get more meaty substance than you’ll find in a warehouse full of Gothic BeautyTM:

The new issue of THE MICK should be up tomorrow, but in the meantime VOLUME 2 of the CD compilation series, housing all of 2005’s issues, is now available in my eBay shop. There’s a couple of hundred reviews in the 1164 pages but of course it’s mainly interviews, with:

1919, Abigail’s Mercy, Abney Park (twice), Acid Ice Flows, Albireon, All Living Fear, Angelspit, Ataraxia, Ausgang, Black Ice, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Blood Proxy, Bohemien, Calabrese, Carol Blaze, Caustic Pleasures, Choronzon, Deadchovsky, DHM, Doppelganger, Dwelling, Flipron, Hate In The Box, Hearts Fail, Human Disease, Ikon (twice), Invading Chapel, Jordan Reyne, Katzenjammer Kaberett, La Peste Negra, Lupercalia, Mephisto Walz, Miguel & The Living Dead, Monica’s Last Prayer (twice), Mothburner, Necrostellar, No Tears, Opera Macabre, Pins & Needles, Psychophile, Psydoll, Quidam, Redemption, Scarlet’s Remains, Secrecy, Shadowhouse, Siiiii, Spon (UK Decay), Tears Of The Dying, The Arid Sea, The Carpettes, The Clauberg Opera,
The Dirge Carolers, The Groaning, The Guests, The Last Dance (twice), The October Country, The Process Void, The Tunnel Of Love, The Way Of All Flesh, Tor Lundvall, Ultranoir, Uninvited Guest, Venus Fly Trap, Vernian Process, Veronique Diabolique, Villa Vortex, Vittorio Vandelli, Wednesday’s Child, Worm,
Zeitgeist Zero and Zombina & The Skeletones

As with Volume 1 there is an issue just to be foiund on the CD compilation, and this time Issue 24 offers a look back to the work I did for ZIGZAG magazine during 1980-1982, as 99% of you are too young ever to have seen these pieces before. This issue features Action Pact, THE ALARM, Toni Basil, BAUHAUS, BOW WOW WOW, Buck’s Fizz, Carpettes, Charge, Cheryl, Chron Gen, Cold Fish, CRAVATS, THE DAMNED, THE DANCING DID, The Dark, DEAD MAN’S SHADOW, The Destructors, Diamanda Galas, English Subtitles, FINISH THE STORY, Tony Fletcher, Flicknife, Fractured Glass, JOANNA LUMLEY, Martian Dance, MARTIN ATKINS, Medium Medium, THE MEMBRANES and Mystere Five.

One hell of a CD, and only £4.99. Now, I’m off to Lynda’s for ten days tomorrow, which obviously means CDs can’t be sent out until I return, but it’s first come first served, so get your orders in:

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Choronzon Radio For A Saturday Night…

Click the button and then select all songs.

Choronzon Radio

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The Foamin’ Media Empire Ever Expanding…

Even bleedin’ ringtones:

Song Download Price
Veil of thorns – My Inner Sanctum $.99
Veil of thorns – Lust Beyond Flesh $.99
Veil of thorns – Sanctify $.99
Choronzon – Love, Strength; Lies $.99
Choronzon – Crimson Awakening $.99
Choronzon – Demon $.99

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Issue #1 of the Drop Dead Magazine is out, and it should damn well be a guide book for any goth, young or old. Sure, there’s pictures of fancy young deathrockers, but make no mistake, this is a MUSIC MAGAZINE, not some Guide To Shitty PVC Corsets, and it’s HOT HOT HOT!

Early 4AD Bands: The Birthday Party, In Camera, The The/Matt Johnson, Modern English, Rema-Rema, Bauhaus, Sort Sol, The Past Seven Days, Cupol/B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis, Cocteau Twins, Colourbox, The Wolfgang Press, Dance Chapter, Xmal Deutschland, Drop Dead Festival 3/DDF Year Book, Bohemien, Cocteau Twins, LA Deathrock Street Fashion, Phenomenauts, 1982 Xmal Deutschland interview, The Dancing Did
The Cravats, Rezurex, Deadfly Ensemble, Entertainment, Bohemien, Signal and Report, Zero le Creche, Naked and the Dead, Cinema Strange, Screaming for Emily, All Gone Dead, Black Ice, The Arid Sea, Ipómia, Autonervous, Bell Hollow

Order yours now!

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Fas Ferox

There is a P. Emerson connection here that I’ll let you in on as I go further in the work. the walkthrough is available, and you need it more than you probably realize.

James Curcio talks of Fas Ferox and more here.

Fas Ferox press release

“Fas Ferox: A Modern-Day Mythology — World Walkthrough” Released as In-Depth Introduction to New Multimedia Graphic Novel Series and Internet Collective that Seeks to Blur the Lines Between Creator, Character, and Audience.

“The presentation is artistically exciting and deeply cool. I cannot wait to see how the world of Fas Ferox will finally feel when it arrives on our computer screens for people to interact with, to explore, to inhabit…”
–from the introduction by acclaimed author and creative consultant Neil Gaiman

Fas Ferox
(“Unbridled Divinity” [from Latin, fas divine command or law, fate, destiny; and ferox – spirited, wild or unbridled, free, fierce])

World Walkthrough
Orlando, FL, March 15, 2006 — Fas Ferox announces the release of its World Walkthrough, a full-color, stand-alone 28-page preface to the new multimedia graphic novel series and growing online collective at The in-depth introduction to “Fas Ferox: A Modern-Day Mythology” features an introduction by its creative consultant and one of the cult icons of the graphic novel genre, Neil Gaiman.

Creative Consultant: Neil Gaiman (
Author: Jason Stackhouse
Creative Director, Co-Author, Digital Compositing: James Curcio (
Creator/Producer: Anna Young (
Muse/Associate Producer: Kal Masunari
Various Artists including: Edson Campos, James Curcio, Andre Malkine, Christian Cordella, Daniela Starr, Lucy Kirkman

Format: Full-Color, 28 Pages, 6.9″ x 10.5″, saddle-stitch
Availability: Print-on-Demand (
$9.99 US, PDF download $3.09 US
ISBN: 1-4116-7838-9

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the album artwork is complete…

the release will be in May.

I’m off to draw some comics now…

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The words

Reproach (Full of Hope)

As all came
Crashing down,
We could not help but laugh
Draining blood to function on belief
Factious stream counter to all pleas
Reclaim vision,
Howl like wolves
Learn to love the crack of the lash
Chambers full, envy and returns distorted
On the sharp edge advance changes design

Holy, with indigent longing
Hollow ravenous greed and profits twisted
Resting on the firmament adapts intention
The innocent
Break off,
Contemplating dispersions quelling
Deplete to pour out acts in certainty
Factious blood counters all entreaties

My Inner Sanctum

In a shaded doorway
Watching the spirits at play,
Through a cracked and shimmering window to the world;
Through my surprise, welling up in my eyes:
Your soul;
Bleeding, old; a deep well of love:
Sepulchral, cold.

The crowning glory swathed in fear,
The brave action recoiling into futility.
To my knees glancing upward,
There flies pain: mine.

Deep ecstasy traces desire.
Hidden places, lost hold;
No one to sustain reality,
My love erases me.
I turn around to go,
The world around me flows through my body.
The bitter realization contains the happy seed: yes, me.

Weak and stumbling,
Gloriously breathing still dawn’s air,
That part of me now lost forever,
It wanders lonely in the dark.
Battle-weary I remain
Inconsistency remarked,
Though seemingly complete.
The soul bears not
Such vacuous conceit.
God damn you!
How can I bear to see your face?
Your every tear reveals my cowering disgrace.
To my knees, glancing inward:
My inner sanctum.

Exaltation in Ascendancy

Weeping alight, Drawn in too tight
Warnings too late are told in our plight
The haints come with parched, red grins
Celebrate this day our irredeemable sins

Nocturnal professions come into nothingness
Lifts our burdens, becomes our hidden weapons
Wailing by the window in the grief of the proud
Dread failings wrapped around us like shrouds

A soothing breeze, a haunting phrase
Leaks out from behind the gate
Secret passions worn like a medal
Truth be told, trust is never to be shown

Worship of Disclosure

Thought shall inaugurate the fall of fear
The fall eliminate the life that was
The life that was can never have been
Lie turns back on lie; behold
Fear shall die with its slaves
Visions shall lie, telling of the fear of death
Laughter shall erase this carnage of thought

Fear ridden spectres flitting by
Still their fetters bind your soul
Stronghold of corrosion let burst
The floodgates of dead gods desires
Move on by in disgust
Slink through the shadows of infinitude
Killing the will, slipping back
Back to that which never was

In distrust lie the possibilities
That were stillborn in haloed fields
We’ll tear the cities down falsehood by falsehood

Manifestation Objective

Soul fire kisses, a hapless passion
Upon the pulse of the altars of madness
Radiant visage glowing words on flesh
Remembrance of my deaths shadow
Take my hand personified
Leads you down

Bound to the end of time
Strewn about like gravel
Blown like glass
Where lunacy comforts

Draw In, Wind Down

Wheels on wet road greet my waking eyes
Halted by the touch of memory
I smell the rain and hear its song
This bed will not let go of me
Nor the thirsty, feverish day get off me

Draw in, wind down

I still feel the touch of the nocturnal breeze
The seeds are flung at the remains; reasons found

Dream Shadow

Solemn grey – the sky evokes my Angel
Walking in the rain, I’m not alone
White lace, wet lace light and clinging
Clinging to the face of the forest
I want to sleep in the rain, in the snow
Warm and safe under the snows ice hands

I fall and am safe
I sleep and fear the face
I fly and am no more
And am no more

Sleep pulls me down into silken sepulchers
Born away on seas of sound I cry out
A breeze soothes my bitter mind on the crimson plane

Wrapped in those I love
I awaken to dawn caresses
And they are no more

Can’t stop Laughing (The Beauty of Drowning)

Souls defied, deep penetration
tearing asunder liquid desire.
Inner strength, all-consuming turmoil
pulls me down, pulls me under the black surface.

For all I love I give you this;
(Christians to the lions).
As we gaze upon the black water;
(you pull me under).
Speak to me of how I love the pain.
I can’t stop laughing,
I can’t stop laughing!
(The beauty of drowning).

We lie side by side, blowing sparks
gazing into the screaming silence.
Under the birthing moo we pray,
pray to be together for all time.

Undergrowth Silent with Want

Ice like claws languid in the damp
Memory fades, life drifts, blood dries
Spreading out among the leaves
The end begins, birth is everywhere

Embrace of roots; here is everywhere
All life is one – we are here
Lost in forever, hearing, feeling
Seeing all

Fated, Cascading; Submerged

No-one ever thinks about how it’ll end
Line after line gone up in smoke with fire as your only friend
All the thought of a lifetime with no conscious evolution
One cannot recall where it began to slide

Lost beneath the debris
You can no longer tell which way is up
We seem to count on forever
One automatic pull on the lever

The vital engine roars not trusted to deliver
The pain it will subside and make the muscle bigger
Dance victorious on our aching bloody feet
One more time, let’s hear the beat and spread our joy like opened veins

Come, let us wait here hiding beneath the snow
Centuries shall pass maddeningly as we watch them grow
Angels watching over us, attainment purified
Death, rebirth, life death, in snowy spirals fly

Force release virtual discordant hold of defense substitute pale vicinity gliding pseudonyms gravestone figures vitriol leitrim

Extend Inward, Breathe Out


The Gathering World Withdrew Its Fury

Lay me down – I fear no more
The longing is subsiding
I’ve locked the door – I’ve freed my mind
It’s only you and me
It’s time, let’s go

And as the sands of time conspire to erase us
It will be done

Dispersed in flight – we are alone
The vision slowly fades
Close my eyes – choke my cries
Now we’re going home

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I’m throwing together some imagers for the cover of “Manifestation Objective”. I’m not sure of this will be included or not, but it may work for some inferior dreckorator.

I’d never really thought that abstracts were a great part of my ouvre, but looking through the paintings, it seems I’m finding a greater number of the little bastards than I thought I’d done.

I love texture, as you can see. I need to get some heavy, large slubbed linen for some ideas I have. That’s where Orlando needs a place like Buck A Pound….

As usual, I now have the task that always comes up, even for the representational work…

I havent…


Which way…

is up….


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