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A night of quality Goth music on June 15th 2006. Heavy on the guitar, easy on the bleeps…

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You can expect to hear UK Decay, Siouxsie, And Also The Trees, Veil Of Thorns, Killing Joke, All About Eve, Fields Of The Nephilim, Evereve, Moonspell, Lacrimosa, Die Krupps, Front 242, Dreadful Shadows, The Mission, Secret Discovery, March Violets and literally other songs!


Siiiii Ancient, Moving, Enshroud Video…

Veil Of Thorns – Enshroud Video

Between strenuous bouts of packing and endless calls, I took a combined half hour to create this psychedelic little video rorschach test. I may be leaving this as a test pattern for a while, as the move and the next comic will take up all of May, and from the begginning of June forward to the rest of the year has me super busy with things it that are to be left untold of for the moment.

There will be much more multi media coming your way after the release of “Manifestation Objective” sometime in June.

It’s helping me keep the stress level low having just recieved a most wonderful package from siiiiiii in the form of Ancient.

This is a piece of superior artistry and lovely darkness that has me by the throat and loving it. The recordings are from nearly 25 years ago that the band recently remastered. This is Goth with a big, Old English capital G that can be favorably compared with any of the classics of the genre and the performances are intense and cutting. The vocals are frightening at times, darkly seductive at others and unlike anyone I can think of.

Fifteen tracks, and still I want more.

I’ll be there for “Modern”!

If you don’t order a copy now, don’t come to me with how empty your life feels…

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There is nothing but love here…

The release date for “Manifestation Objective” looks to be set back to late June. I have three other musical projects to follow, besides the imminent release of subQtaneous, more to be revealed later. There’ll be more art, in fact, the rest of the year will be pretty much dedicated to gettin’ visual.

As I can get moments, there will be Veil Of Thorns videos, which are tasters of a couple projects that are currently mere spermatazoa. Five more releases are set for digital distribution, and a lot of the free stuff will disappear, to be replaced with new material in the coming months. Many changes coming, and perhaps my approach here will as well.

It’s unfortunate, but understandable that I can’t do more multimedia here.

And there are the books, hard births for the normally unforthcoming and taciturn fluffy one, but just wait…

Then there is the Golem…

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P. Emerson Links…

The Gene Generation!

A little more on film for today. I just want to mention the movie The Gene Generation.

I can’t wait to see what a collaboration between Goth, Cyberpunk horror movie director and producer extraordinaire Pearry Reginald Teo, and production design by the inimitable Chad Michael Ward, well known and widely admired artist who’s macabre sensuality has inspired a whole generation of artists, have brought together in this production. The previews look delightfully sick.

Go to the site and find out for yourself. Folling are the words of the fiercely talented Pearry Reginald Teo under the title:


ok, that was too drama for some of you. I’m working on it. But anyway, as many of you know, The Gene Generation is a low budget film that I made without the studio’s backing for people like you. You’re right, the studio will not pass a film like this. They want clean, cutting edge modernistic science fiction films (AHH..TOO MUCH SUNLIGHT AND WHITE!!) which I have obviously little interest of.

Since The Gene Generation will not enjoy the millions of the dollars that Hollywood spend on marketing, I rely on the punks like yourself to spread the virus…umm…word around. So if you would, paste the a link to your myspace / website / butt so you can spread the word. I need all the help I can get.

If you guys want a Gene Generation poster to put up in your club, I’ll be happy to provide one for you. If you can, supply a logo as well so I can put you on my special thanks credits at the end of the movie.

Copy the text below to place the Combichrist video clip into your page. Copy it anywhere into your profile editor

Choose a Gene Generation banner and use the codes below for your website or myspace page

There is more at

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Support Ballet Deviare

I’m passing this on for the folks at Ballet Devaire in New York. they’re doing many new and exciting things and need support, lest the world be even more overrun by bland mass media and a Classical repertoire that consists of watered down versions of 1% of the output by three composers.

Dear Friend of Ballet Deviare:

As we bid welcome to another spring here at Ballet Deviare, we are writing to ask for your support of our work and mission.

Ballet Deviare’s mission is prompted by the fundamental desire to modify and expand the restrictions of ballet and to further legitimate heavy metal and extreme music as an art form. We deliberately stray from conventional ballet companies in that we offer a different experience, in terms of both choreography and music. We are the first ballet company that utilizes death, doom and grind metal as part of our permanent repertoire. The company also strives to cultivate and establish new audiences and to grant expanded artistic opportunities for talented dancers, choreographers, and composers.

Ballet Deviare was established in November 2003 and received not for profit status soon after. In less then three years we have had considerable successes, yet unfortunately we have also experienced financial hardship.

Among our myriad of accomplishments:

Produced and staged a production in December 2004 called Lightening the Dark and again in January 2006 Ballet Deviare produced and staged SEVEN. A quote from a SEVEN audience member, Then it was flowers for the girls and whiskey for boys as the show concluded to much applause, rightfully so. Meaning was realized here, whether intended or not, and somehow, no matter the inclination, one artifice was made tolerable through the translation of another. A true conquest. – Todd DePalma

Featured artist in a series of Sharts (Short Art Films) to be aired on MTV2.

Appeared in numerous publications including The New York Post and Decibel Magazine.

Support act for Opeth at The Town Hall in NYC February 23, 2006.

Received a select invitation to be a featured artist on ART or something like it! (a television series about artists of all genres, backgrounds and media) on CUNY TV for the second season of 2006.

Every time Ballet Deviare has performed it has been to a sold out audience.

But the past year also saw Ballet Deviare facing a budget deficit. A number of circumstances — including our company’s relative youth, the nationwide economic downturn, and the lack of support for the arts — converged to create this shortfall.

We are and have been taking a number of cost-cutting steps to ensure that Ballet Deviare can close this budget gap, while being careful not to sacrifice the quality of artistic expression. Ballet Deviare does not economically support any member of the company, but instead utilizes its funds to stage performances, lighting and sound equipment, venue rental, administration cost, and insurance.

For these expenses, we look to you for help and support. In the best of times, government and foundation grants, though extremely important, are not enough to meet our operating expenses. It has always been the ongoing generosity of individual donors like you and the personal sacrifices of company members that allow Ballet Deviare to thrive in the current climate. Gifts from individuals are more essential than ever.

Your gift now will ensure that Ballet Deviare will continue to be there to promote heavy music and to introduce ballet to a new audience.

Ballet Deviare Inc. is a certified 501(c)3 non-profit art organization, which means all donations are tax-deductible.
Checks and Money Orders – Please visit our myspace site or out website and click on the support link to view a printable donation form and to verify our legal status through organizations such as GuideStar.
Credit Card Donations – Click on the PayPal Donate button under “people I would like to meet” or on the support page of

The Entire BD!! Family

Please click Reply and copy the text and Repost this bulletin.
Support the Arts and Extreme Music!!

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The Gummo 95 Manifesto…

I’ve had a few questions and comments on Gummo abnd Dogme 95 films after my post with the Nosferatu soundtrack. In a while I’ll have a few Veil Of Thorns videos and some more comics related stuff for you, but for today, I’ll give you more info from a fan perspective on Harmony Korine and Dogme 95. Several of you remember me obsessing over Gummo many years ago.

I’ve been too wrapped up in married life and my own work to get like that, which is a good thing, but there is a direction I’m going to be taking in the future that will be related to all this. His is a chaotic creativity that has truly inspires me.

I’ve brought you this before, but it’s worth watching again: Interview with Harmony Korine and Bruce La Bruce

With my tendancy to paint using dozens of layers of glazes, record five hundred track songs and ither such monstrosities, I find it liberating creatively to set strict limits for a project, as it tends to focus me, and that’s the appeal Dogme 95 has for me. Not that different from creating Blackmetal in the classic “Necro” vein…

I seem to recall his having a site years ago, but what is there now are a bunch of fan sites, a few of which are worth checking out: an oft-updated fansite that has frequent and accurate news. Wikipedia page The Name of this Film is Dogme 95 on Google video Julen Donkey Boy Excerpt on Google video

I first heard of the Dogme 95 Manifesto through the press that surrounded the film Julien, Donkey Boy. Tyhe following is a quote from

The second film from Harmony Korine, julien donkey-boy (1999) tells the story of the schizophrenic Julien, his pregnant sister Pearl, brother Chris and their manical father. It was the first American film certified by the Danish film movement Dogme 95, shot under the manifesto’s tenets after a decision made just a month before filming began. julien donkey-boy premiered at the Venice Film Festival on the 7th of October, 1999. It began its US theatrical run on the 15th.

In a post last year, thoughts of the movie Gummo sent me in search of Harmony Korine on the web, leading me Here.

Finally, I recommend that you listen to “Psychosis Ex Machina” and “Panic Pandemic” back to back, or perhaps both on shuffle and repeat simultaneously while watching Gummo with the sound off, I will not be held responsible for the resulting experience.

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Chasing The Wish – IT BEGINS

You can now sign up to be notified of the pending release of Book One, as well as special offers and online content.

Many strange coincinences and odd happenings surround this story. Reality tunnels are braided and woven together, parallel universes blend, bend and split.

And that is just what we worked through to bring it to you.

Registering gives you access to exclusive online content from the comic book series, including both original and finished artwork, creator biographies, blogs, and information, and the online version of the comic book, which will be made available in installment form through a soon to be announced format.

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Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror

Veil Of Thorns – Nosferatu soundtrack MP3

Because I can leave no idle idea alone, I’ve created a soundtrack to “Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror”, the silent masterpiece by F.W. Murnau. I realize dozens of folks have done the same, but I’m actually quite proud of this one. I may do something with this with much better sound and picture quality. If I had a dvd burner, I’d let a chosen few of you have a full quality disc of it. I may yet be able to do something about it.

the approach was inspired by the Dogme 95 manofesto. Now, using so much technology probably makes it anathema to its adherents, but my mode of working is never pure, but, Harmony Korinne fanatic that I am, I feel an affinity to the movement. I had several limitations in doing this, as my hard drive is almost full, and I’ll be needing to send a bunch of large image files out in the coming week. Therefore, my first rule was only to use sounds I already had on my hard drive. This was easy, as what I have taking up space are the audio tracks from the Veil Of Thorns album I’ve just completed. What you’ll hear is 90% vocals with much less processing than it sounds like.

Secondly, I gave myself a timelimit of eight hours to create and sync the audio to the movie file. You can hear just the audio by downloading from the link above. You can download a windows media version by right clicking the image and saving, or you can watch it on the Veil Of Thorns Myspace page.

It’s actually taken me longer to render the movie than it took to write the music(k), which was fine, as I had lots of drawing I wanted to get done. More on that later.

The Vampire theme may make me goth at last.

For those few of you who haven’t seen countless versions of thos film, I include part of the wikipedia entry:

This was the first film of the production company Prana-Film GmbH; it was also the last as they declared bankruptcy after Bram Stoker’s estate—acting for his widow, Florence Stoker—sued for copyright infringement (plagiarism) and won. The court ordered all existing prints of Nosferatu destroyed, but a number of copies of the film had already been distributed around the world. These prints were then copied over the years, resulting in Nosferatu gaining a reputation as one of the greatest movie adaptations of the vampire legend.

With the influence of producer and production designer, Albin Grau, the film established one of two main lines of vampire depiction in movies. The “Nosferatu-type” is a living corpse with rodent features (especially elongated fingernails and incisors), associated with rats and plague, and neither charming nor erotic but totally repugnant. The victims usually die and are not turned into vampires themselves. The more common other line is the “Dracula-type” (established by Bela Lugosi’s version of Dracula and perpetuated by Christopher Lee), a charming aristocrat adept at seduction and turning his victims into new vampires.

Parts of the film allegedly showing Transylvania were filmed in Slovakia. Nosferatu’s castle, for instance, is Orava Castle in northern Slovakia, and other locations are in the High Tatras and on the Váh River around Strečno Castle.

The shadow of the vampire is seen climbing stairs in this famous scene from the movieMurnau’s Nosferatu is in the public domain, and copies of the movie are widely available on video—usually as poorly transferred, faded, scratched video copies that are often scorned by enthusiasts. However, pristine restored editions of the film have also been made available, and are also readily accessible to the public.

Watch the Nosferatu (Low bitrate)
Watch Nosferatu (high bitrate)

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