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Choronzon – New World Chaos! Here! Now!

This one has been hotly anticipated, and now, we bring it to you for free. Twisting caverns of Chaotic adventure await!

This is turning out to be either a fantastic or a terrible year for you, depending on how much you treasure order and knowing which way is down. Two Choronzon double albums in one year! [info]monde has created a neuro-labyrinth for you to traverse as you experince the chaos, and it has to be seen to be believed!

First a Panic Pandemic, then a New World Chaos. Makes sense to me.

You can hear it, lick it, smoke it, poke and prod it, read it and be eaten alive by it:

The album is simultaneously being podcast, the link is also to be found on the front page: – just look to your right for the sidebar.

For all you who think you know the scope of the Choronzon project, this web transmission will prove you wrong. Many ripples were sent across this reality during the process of its creation, and we shall be feeling aftershocks for Aeons to come.

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Go and experience it now!!!

Choronzon_-_New_World_Chaos Realplayer Stream


Free The Mortician!

I grabbed this from [info]lucifera. Several people I know have run afoul of the law while playing in Poland. It comes as no surprize that a Death Metal musician is targeted by the authorities there. The memory of Gorgoroth‘s trouble in Poland is still fresh.
Article here, and in Norwegian here.

I’ll let Lucifera give the details. I trust her opinion on this matter, as I know her strength and good judgement is something that is more reliable than any poxy journalist. Many of you reading this are in Poland. if any of you can help, get in touch with [info]lucifera and give her the info.



NYDM and all friends…..
I have found a few ways to collection donations for the Rahmer family.
If anyone knows Iris (NJ) or Crimson (Diane of CT) ask them what you can do.

Donations to help the family with legal fees and travel expenses may be sent to us
via the NYDM website:

I have to thank those who already have sent donations. I have my own money I plan to give to the family.

Right now although we are working with all the information everyone has sent us (thanks to those who sent useful information) we are now waiting to see what will happen.

Any developments I will let you know.
So far the polish news has tried to depict him as a monster. ANd those of us who really know him, know that that story doesn’t add up.

Anyway, thanks to all.


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A quick Note To My Fiends…

I’ve been busy of late, so I have been absent from many of my usual haunts, musical endeavours etc. It’s a good thing, though, as you shall see. A very exciting project indeed is unfolding, and I’m very lucky to be involved. There will be more in depth information as we progress, but for now:

A Little Preview

Some pages in the midst of pre-production. I have a lot of work ahead of me, so I’ll not be seen here a whole lot

And, while I have you here, do yourself a favour and get this lovely issue of The Mick, folks. As none can be more eloquent than the Man himself, I’ll let him tell you:

DON’T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE MICK 21 which is full of stirring material.

The ATARAXIA piece is a true classic, with secrets disclosed in advance, from one of the world’s greatest bands. I have never known of a band where when you introduce someone to them they are almost pathetically grateful! If you have missed out on them so far I actually envy you the musical treasure trove you could soon be onto.

Abney Park

The Last Dance

They will entertain and satisfy.

The Way Of All Flesh are rampant UK Goth

Acid Ice Flows create Industrial with a truly human heart

The Arid Sea offer up tantalising dark indie

Mothburner remain one of the most consistent UK bands, with lo-fi Ethereal intensity.

The Process Void turn electronics into a monster sound.

And all of this free luxury exists here:

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They’re all trying to get out!

Brush work is fun.
Many of you remember my india ink illustrations in Ghastly, Esoterra et al.

It’s good to be working in this mode again.

If you’re one of those who’ve been following all these years, what I’m working on will interest you greatly.

I’m not telling yet….

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