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This Is Not Music.


FrqShow is updated! Listen, love! There’ll be more from the center forthwith, as well.


What is this PKN? Philip K. Nixon. Of course.

Who else wants a legal alternative?

PKN is a catalyst to an altered state of reality that 23rdians
choose over most legal (and illegal) sources of synthetic pathways to this
neural network of pleasure. Call it hedonic engineering.

If you have ever considered crossing over to the 23rdian way of life, this
is the right vehicle for your transition into entrainment with the 23rdian
vibe. You may find yourself swept away by an overwhelming frequency of
personal synchronicities- This is about the creation of and entrainment
with alternative algorithms. We have to realize that we are living in a
box before we are able to see the walls of culturally inherited “reality”
confining us.

Philip K. Nixon helps us to dissolve our cultural blockage- Philip K.
Nixon is an enema for socio-cultural constipation- An alchemical tool,
VITRIOLIC ACID meant to corrode and dissolve the fabrics of learned
cultural conditioning. Philip K. Nixon is a catalyst for the development
of a functional group egregore. Philip K. Nixon will help to free you from
your physical and mental bondage. Philip K. Nixon is one facet of the
Extra-Terrestrial Coincidence Control Organization.
The mediasphere is a member of the band. You are a member of the
band. By listening, you become an instrument, and your mental state
will be altered. You are Philip K. Nixon, and the Philip K. Nixon project
is you.


This is not music.


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Burroughs” on Google Video
Documentary on the life of William S. Burroughs. (1984)

Just ‘cos I love you.

Choronzon Compilation Chaos

a quick update on recent Choronzon activity. Get the full story at, as always.

Two very different compilations, and two very different bits of noise.

To quote monde from the frontpage of

“- Women Take Back The Noise has been released after years of work. You won’t want to miss this. If you’ve been wondering where all the female noise artists have been hiding, the answer is, why they aren’t hiding, they’re here, and proud and loud as much as they are pretty and gritty. This three-disc compilation – with discs for soundscapes-and-ambient-noise, for weird-and-dramatic noise, and for guttural-thrashing-spazz noise, are all included. Choronzon’s “Current” fell upon the second, naturally. It some pretty terrific company on this collection, including Cosey Fanni Tutti. And you can’t beat the packaging on this thing. Have a look and a bite from a “noise cookie”. (They’re actually more like flowers, but not as quiet.)”

This collection is an incredible feat.

Acidvictim Compilation

In the Acidvictim comp you’ll find some sharp metallic riffage, and git-fuelled agression. There’s a great deal of variety and quality on this compilation. It’s highly worth getting. (And the cover was designed by one P. Emerson…)

To quote Evil Matt, Acidvictim honcho:

“AcidVictim RecordsUnderground Metal Compilation Vol. 1 is AVAILABLE NOW!!! Limited to 200 copies, you can purchase a copy for yourself for $5. All you have to do is send us an email here at MySpace or at to order.
ATTENTION: You will need ADOBE READER in order to view, fill out, and print our new & improved order form. So if you do not have Adobe Reader, then you can move yourself out of the stone age and download it for free HERE.
The metal bands of AcidVictim Records, namely Shroud of Despondency, Bury The Pariah, Harvyst and Deadhole, all have contributed tracks to this CD. The other acts who appear on this compilation are: Choronzon, Dummo, Amnesty, Wolfgard, Cygnus Loop, Stuntman, Illtemper, BloodMachine, Sewn Shut, Beatmaster Trash and General Bastard.”
You can get a copy from me, as well. Just write to me at chaos333 at gmail dot com, and I’ll get it out to you for fi’dollah. You’d really be helping a honky out here.

Finally, let me leave you with a comission in process. I’m designing the cover for a split release of gore grinders Womb Raiders and the unclassifiable Bury The Pariah.

Save Us Dr. Phil

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The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari – Veil of Thorns Score


The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari – Veil of Thorns Score
Watch the Video

Another score by the fluffy one. Clicking my heels and saying: “There’s no place like Drop Dead…There’s no place like Drop Dead..!” Didn’t get me to NY, so I did this. I can’t stream it here, for the file is too large for youtube, and even at the right size, they don’t allow anything longer than ten minutes. You can watch the embedded player here, tho…

As with the Nosferatu score, I set limits, though I didn’t confine myself to the sound files I already had on my hard drive this time. I spent a day creating blocks of sound, using mostly cello, violin and voice, with some added fx and drumloops here and there. Otherwise the whole score was created on the fly, in realtime. In fact, it took four times longer to render the movie than it took me to score it.

There’ll be more film coming up, but that is all i’ll say about that at the moment. I’ll be podcasting the score a bit later on, as well.

From wikipedia:

The film tells the story of the deranged Doctor Caligari and his faithful somnambulist Cesare and their connection to a string of murders in a German mountain village, Holstenwall. Caligari presents one of the earliest examples of a motion picture “frame story” in which the body of the plot is presented as a flashback, as told by Francis.

The narrator, Francis, and his friend Alan visit a carnival in the village where they see Dr. Caligari and Cesare, whom the doctor is displaying as an attraction. Caligari brags that Cesare can answer any question he is asked. When Alan asks Cesare how long he has to live, Cesare tells Alan that he will die tomorrow at dawn — a prophecy which turns out to be fulfilled.

Francis, along with his girlfriend Jane, investigate Caligari and Cesare, which eventually leads to Jane’s kidnapping by the somnambulist. Caligari orders Cesare to kill Jane, but the hypnotized slave relents after her beauty captivates him. He carries Jane out of her house, leading the townsfolk on a lengthy chase. Francis discovers Caligari is the head of the local insane asylum, and with the help of his colleagues discovers he’s obsessed with the story of a previous Doctor Caligari, who used a somnabulist to murder people as a traveling act.

Critics worldwide have praised the film for its Expressionist style, complete with wild, distorted set design—a striking use of mise en scène. Caligari has been cited as an influence on films noir and horror films; it is also often seen as one of the first horror films, a model for directors for many decades (including Alfred Hitchcock).

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The Elaborate Empire of Ache, by Lisa Hammer
A short, surrealist film by artist Lisa Hammer, formerly of the band Mors Syphilitica, currently working as voiceover talent on Adult Swim. This one is about a haunted mental hospital, and stars Dame Darcy, with music by Lisa’s husband, Eric Hammer.

I’ll be back with something new that I threw together as many of you were at Drop Dead, (I was there in spirit, I assure you), shortly…

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Seein’ ThingsII

And two more:

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Seein’ Things…

The following images have sprung out fully formed from my intesification of my practice of meditation, pranayama, and even my getting back to hatha yoga.

I throw these out of my head in quick bouts between working on two movies, my own moving image projects, not included, three comics, (not telling yet), and a sum total of five albums of various styles at diffent points of production.

I thought I’d share a few bits of what I’ve been working on lately, between thinbgs I’m bound by blood oaths not to talk about, extensive research into extreme esoteric number manipulation and viral linguistics.

I had intended to make these and other images available today as posters, but being in the midst of lightning country has made the flickering lights and strobing internet connection way too annoyiing. this’ll be accomplished shortly.

Later on I’ll be telling you about the larger project these images will be part of. I may call for assistance, as well.

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Ring My Bell – Clint Catalyst
Tey’ve done a great number of these, but this is the one I’d most like to see full length.